Introduction | 1. The Search.. 2. Satya Sai Baba | 3. Abode of Peace and Many Wonders..4. O World Invisible | 5. Birth and Childhood...6. The Two Sai's | 7. Echoes From the Early Years...8. With Baba in the Hills | 9. Return to Brindavanam...10. A Place Apart | 11. Drift of Pinions...12. More Wonder Cures | 13. The Question of Saving From Death...14. Eternal Here and Now | 15. The Same but Different...16. A Word From the West | 17. Two Pre-eminent Devotees...18. Reality and Significance of the Miraculous | 19. Some Sai Teachings...20. Avatar....Glossary
Man of Miracles by Howard Murphet

Man of Miracles


This book is intended for three classes of readers; one, the many for whom the mysterious, marvellous and miraculous of life hold interest and appeal; two, the searchers after spiritual light who have not yet found what they seek. Many in both of these classes, especially the former, will not even have heard of Satya Sai Baba of India, let alone seen his miracles and felt his great influence. They will be more than inclined to doubt. Therefore I have tried to present the facts as objectively as possible, keeping the devotional content to a minimum. Other books, from time to time, have dealt in such a way with the subject of miraculous phenomena. But I know of none describing so many and varied events connected with a miracle-saint, still living, and attested to by such an array of witnesses whose real names are given. These witnesses are, in the main, well-known in their professions and/or communities and can be contacted by any doubters who would like confirmation of the fantastic incredible experiences described.

Because the devotional element is minimal the third class of readers for whom the book is intended, the Sai devotees, will perhaps feel that the presentation is too cold for them. But I beg them to remember that pure devotional literature is of interest only to devotees, and here I am primarily concerned with a much wider field.

But I sincerely hope that even the most ardent and experienced Sai devotee, to whom the extraordinary has become the commonplace, will find in these pages something to interest him - perhaps some new evidence, aspect or interpretation of the great Sai power. For it is a fathomless ocean and no man can know more than a fraction of it. In this volume, the fruit of long but highly-rewarding research, investigation and experience, I would like to share with you the inspiring fraction that I came to know.

And now I want to express some appreciation and gratitude. First and foremost to Sri Satya Sai Baba himself for all that he has so graciously shown and revealed to me personally. Words completely fail, me here. So I will pass on swiftly to express my gratitude to those people who so courteously supplied me with the facts about their precious and marvellous experiences, and who also permitted me to use their names in testimony to a truth that is stranger than fiction.

Finally, further sincere thanks are due to my good friend, Mr, Alf Tidemand-Johannessen, who provided some very timely secretarial assistance in connection with the book, and to my wife who helped so much in typing and checking the manuscript. H.M.


Author's Note


1 The Search

2 Satya Sai Baba

3 Abode of Peace and Many Wonders

4 0 World Invisible

5 Birth and Childhood

6 The Two Sais

7 Echoes from the Early Years

8 With Baba in the Hills

9 Return to Brindavanam

10 A Place Apart

11 Drift of Pinions

12 More Wonder Cures

13 The Question of Saving from Death

14 Eternal Here and Now

15 The Same, but Different

16 A Word from the West

17 Devotees

18 Reality and Significance of the Miraculous

19 Some Sai Teachings

20 Avatar



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Many readers of the first edition, coming to India from different parts of the world, or from within India itself, have tried to contact Miss Leela Mudaliar at Queen Mary College, Madras, in order to find the address of the Sai Baba Guindy Temple, the story of which is given in these pages. As she has now moved to another college, as Professor of Botany, we think it would be useful to give here the address of the temple. It is 31D Mount Road, Guindy, Madras 32.

Many more readers have been writing to the publishers or the author for the address of Sri Sathya Sai Baba in India. So for the help of those who may desire this information, his two main ashram addresses are given below:

1. Prasanthi Nilayam, Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh.

2. 'Brindavan', Kadugodi, Near Whitefield, Bangalore, Karnataka State.